Blanket Repairs R Us

We wash and repair horse blankets and more!

Vonnie Bays - Owner / Manager

697 Havenwood Drive

Lincoln, Ca  95648  

   Phone:  916 645 9000

 Email:  [email protected]

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Wash Prices
Heavy Wash………………$18.00
Waterproofing……… …..$10.00
Anti-Fungal Washes (extra) $5.00
Repair Work is $40.00 per hour, with a min. of $10.00 for small repairs
All Repair items must be washed by Blanket Repair R Us to insure cleanness
No Exceptions
Additional charges for replaced straps, hardware and or other supplies used. 
We stock leg straps and tail strap, and make belly straps if needed.
 Delivery Available
To your home or ranch:    Fee may apply if less than ten blankets
  (with more than ten blankets - no fee)
To Davis area:  Fee may apply (with less than fifteen blankets)