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Vonnie Bays - Owner / Manager

697 Havenwood Drive

Lincoln, Ca 95648

Phone: 916 645 9000


WEB Site:

Customer Information Letter

Thank you for choosing Blanket Repairs R Us, to care for your equine laundry and repair needs. I service Blankets, Hoods, Sheets, Coolers, Saddle Pads, Stall Drapes and Large Bags of Barn Rags. I can wash and repair your equine laundry items all year around. So there is no need to wait for spring, summer or fall months to get your blankets cleaned or have dirty blankets lying around the barn.

DROP OFF Instructions:

Please put all laundry items in large (30 gallon) trash bags. Please no more than two heavy blankets per bag(s), (they can be very heavy). Also please do not use your good blanket bags, use (30 gallon) trash bags. It so easy to loose your good blanket bags. Complete a WORK ORDER Form with your name; address (both PO Box and street address); phone number(s); e-mail address; band name of item(s); the color of your item(s); type of service requested; and any specific instructions. Please put your WORK ORDER FORM inside each of your bag(s), never taped the WORK ORDER FORM to the outside of the bag(s).

MAKE SURE A COPY OF THE W0RK ORDER FORM(s) GOES INSIDE EACH BAG(S)! This will insure your laundry item(s) will never get mixed-up with another customer’s item(s). I also use laundry tags to insure the blankets are never mixed up with other customer’s blankets. The laundry tag are stapled to the blankets, so please remember to remove all staples from the laundry tags. They may cause sores on your horses. If your items are wet, please put the WORK ORDER FORMS in a small sandwich zip lock bag. This will prevent the ink from smearing and making the form unreadable.

PICKUP AND DELIVERY: For large ranches, breeders, trainers or any customers with ten or more blankets, I offer FREE pickup and delivery. Less then ten blankets, I charge for the mileage


Pick up time 9:00am each Friday


1301 Lincoln Blvd,

Lincoln, Ca 95648

Phone - 916 645-3638


1330 Hungry Hollow Rd

Lincoln, Ca 95648

Phone - 916 953-3116


3293 Taylor Road, #A

Loomis, Ca 95650

Phone: 916 652-7121


697 Havenwood Drive

Lincoln, Ca 95648

Phone: 916 645-9000

Please pay by check only.

Please make your check out to: Blanket Repairs R Us

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