Blanket Repairs R Us

We wash and repair horse blankets and more!

Blanket Repairs R Us                                      

HM: (916) 645-9000



                                                 WORK ORDER FORM

                                       PLEASE COPY AND PRINT THIS FORM   


Customer’s Name: ____________________________________________________

PO Box and Street Address: ______________________________________________________________________

Ranch Name: ______________________________________________________________________

HOME Phone: ______________________Work:__________________Cell:__________________________________

E-mail: _________________________________________________________

Return my Blanket to, (check one):  Hay Barn (Lake of the Pines area) _______; Sierra Hay & Feed (Lincoln) ________; Foothill Feed & Gift (Loomis) ________;  Customer Pickup at Blanket Repairs R Us home office __________;   Home Delivery, (Fee may apply, ten or more blankets no fee): _________

I would like new Leg Straps ($9. each) installed: ______Yes; ______No.

#1 Item:  Brand:___________________ Color:________________________________

Please circle service requesting:     Wash             Waterproof         Anti-Fungal Soap ($5 extra)         Repairs

Specific Instructions:____________________________________________________________


#2 Item:  Brand:___________________ Color: ________________________________

Please circle service requesting:     Wash          Waterproof           Anti-Fungal Soap ($5 extra)     Repairs

Specific Instructions:____________________________________________________________

#3 Item:  Brand: ___________________Color: _____________________________________________________________________

Please circle service requesting:     Wash          Waterproof          Anti-Fungal Soap ($5 extra)      Repairs

Specific Instructions: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


Note: Customer agrees to pickup all items promptly at any of the feed stores.  After 30 days, the feed store(s) will return the customer’s items to Blanket Repairs R Us’ home office at 697 Havenwood Drive, Lincoln, Ca 95648 for your pickup.  After 180 days (six months), customer’s items will become the property of Blanket Repairs R Us and sold for the cost of customer’s bill.  Also a $25. service charge for all returned checks. PLEASE PAY BY CHECK ONLY and make your check out to 

“Blanket Repairs R Us”. Please sign to the above agreements, thank you: ____________________________________________________________________