Blanket Repairs R Us

We wash and repair horse blankets and more!

Vonnie Bays - Owner / Manager

697 Havenwood Drive, Lincoln, Ca  95648  

   Phone:  916 645 9000


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Wash Prices
Heavy Wash………………$18.00
Waterproofing……… …..$10.00
Anti-Fungal Washes (extra) $5.00
Repair Work $40.00 per hour, with a min. of $10.00
All Repair items must be washed by Blanket Repair R Us to insure cleanness
No Exceptions
Additional charges for replaced straps, hardware and / or other supplies used. 
We stock leg straps and tail strap, and make belly straps.
 Delivery Available
To your home or ranch:    fee may apply  (with ten or more blankets - no fee)
to Davis:  fee may apply (with fifteen or more blankets - no fee)